Cinta Senese

Starting from the few remaining animals of the prestigious Cinta Senese pig breed, which risked extinction, now hundreds of specimens live in the semi-wild state in the woods of Massanera, feeding on acorns, wild tubers, roots and truffles. The cured meats obtained are processed in compliance with the traditions of Tuscan pork butchery, but also with the current regulations envisaged by the European Union. The choice of products ranges from the piglet, excellent on the spit, to the succulent bacon, from the hams to the capocollo, the air-dried sirloin to the salami, from the fennel to the bacon, to the lard with aromatic herbs.

The history of the "Cinta Senese", that is, of the black pig with a white strip (cinta) that descends from the withers the front legs, is lost in the mists of time. For centuries it has been a cheap protein source for generations of Tuscan farmers. A very rustic animal, always bred in a semi-wild state, it derived its nourishment almost exclusively from the products of the forest, thus having very little impact on the costs of meager family budgets.

Forgotten in the 1950s for its faster growing and inflatable cousins ​​with feed prepared for this purpose for rapid growth, it was reduced to very few specimens. It was proposed a few years ago on the market by a group of passionate Tuscan breeders, some of whom also met in an association called "Compagnia della Cinta" and subsequently in a consortium organization that bears the same name, both based in the company. Agricola Massanera in Chiesanuova of San Casciano Val di Pesa. The "Cinta" also for the free life it leads grows much more slowly than its fellow bred in the stable.

 However, its meats are much tastier and its fat literally melts in the mouth giving the lean parts that accompany it an unknown scent in other animal fats and in which you can sometimes recognize vague hints of the plants and fruits of which it has eaten .

Everything is used of the "Cinta" as of his fellow men. Excellent brawn or soprassata made with boiled head and addition of some rind, salami, finocchiona, sbriciolona, ​​all products obtained from the skilful mixture of various parts of the pig. Where, however, the difference becomes enormous compared to the same products of the animals raised in the stable is in the pure pieces and that is in the ham, in the shoulder, in the lard, in the bacon, in the cheek, in the capocollo and in the fillet or loin. The "Compagnia della Cinta" through the consortium association has been offering these delights to the market for some years now, guaranteeing them with its own registered trademark.

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