Our Olive Oil


Our Olive Oil

The olive groves extend over a surface of approximately 8 hectares. Trees are specifically pruned to limit the amount of olives produced and ensure that the resulting oil maintains the typical aromas of the Chianti Classico region, of which Aulente di Massanera is a typical example.

HARVESTING: All olives are collected manually only, using small punctured boxes, when they are almost ripe, so that they maintain a persistent and intense aroma.

VARIETIES: Moraiolo, leccino, frantoio.

PRESSING: Olives are pressed within 24-48 hours from harvesting.

BOTTLING: Oil is transferred directly from the stainless steel tubs without decanting to prevent oxidation.

STORAGE: In a temperature-controlled environment until the sale.

CHARACTERISTICS: Green degrading to yellow-gold. Intense fruity taste, with a slight gingery and bitter note that tends to gradually smoothen without altering the original taste and aroma.